Ethan’s platform consists of fiscal/budgetary conservativism and socially conservative policies, a platform that can win, even for a Republican in Bridgeport.

He supports that the City of Bridgeport gets its fair share of state funds for education (Bridgeport has more students than the City of Hartford yet it gets $20 million less in state funds for education.).

He also supports judicial reform. Overall, our laws are rather good, however, the problem arises with the administration of our laws. Too often in our state courts, the laws are administered in ways that favor corporations and governments such that individuals and minority groups tend to get the short stick of justice.

In addition, considering the record of Democrat elected officials in matters of budget, with focus on the 2015 legislative action to approve a budget of large increases in taxes and spending, there is a superb opportunity for a good Republican to win. The current incumbent. Democrat Christopher Rosario voted in favor of that infamous budget which has had very catastrophic results including the decision for GE to move its headquarters from Fairfield, CT to Boston, MA and of state employees now earning an average of 25% to 46% more than their private industry counterparts. The Democrat office holders have not been diligent and responsible. Rather they have been politically opportunistic and irresponsible. Thus, in 2011 and 2015, the State of Connecticut had the largest tax increases on record. These problems are reflected in a current weaker economy and lack of good jobs.

The Bridgeport public is becoming more aware of the problems associated, not just with a Democrat Party majority in municipal and state offices, but rather of a Democrat Party monopoly in these offices. As the Jamaican saying goes, 'One hand can't clap.' With these factors coupled with current developments in the national political arena, there is a great present opportunity for a good Republican candidate like Ethan to break through the holds that the Democrat office holders have maintained in Bridgeport Assembly Districts for over thirty years (i.e., since 1984).

Ethan publicly affirms that our great nation is a Judeo-Christian nation. He is not an establishment politician. Rather, he is a statesman with a heart for public service.

Would you contribute $100, or $50 or $20 to my campaign? Your contribution would help me in qualifying for the state election funding program and thereby assist me in effecting real change in making our state governmental system better for improving the economy and facilitating jobs creation. You may make a contribution by clicking on the following link: