Ethan is superbly qualified. He has two advanced degrees (including a masters of international management from the world-renowned Thunderbird School of Global Management; Glendale, AZ). He performed successful service to our country in the U.S. Peace Corps (Colombia, S.A.); worked in international banking (with Bank of America in Latin America; i.e., in Guatemala and the Dominican Republic) and performed successful service in Connecticut as an elected public official (in the Fairfield Representative Town Meeting). He is known in statewide political circles for having observed as a specialized bank officer issues of operations of the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority (CRRA). For nearly a decade, he served on the Board of Directors for the El Alfarero Hispanic prison ministry. He founded and has successfully performed as a small business entrepreneur (re: New England Limousine Service of Fairfield). He is fluent in Spanish and regularly attends Principe de Paz Church. Ethan has superb experience in local and state politics including as a candidate for the 128th  District in 2014.


Various salient points of Ethan's experience follow:


  • In junior high school in Frederick, Maryland, Ethan earned spending money by mowing neighbors' yards and delivering newspapers.
  • In high school, Ethan earned spending money by working for his father's paint store by installing carpet and linoleum floor coverings and ceramic wall tiles.
  • In college in Southern California, he financed his undergraduate degree by part-time teaching science at a Christian junior high school, groundskeeping for a small citrus fruit estate and in establishing a business of sales and installation of floor coverings.
  • As a volunteer for the U.S. Peace Corps in Bucaramanga, he established inventory control procedures for an electrical workers cooperative and a train workers cooperative, he investigated the failure of a milk producers cooperative, and he oversaw disbursements of the School Partnership Program for building a two-room schoolhouse in Surata, Colombia.
  • With regulated industries section of Bank of America in New York City, he packaged a $55 million commercial paper placement for the construction financing of the Vermont portion of the electric transmission interconnection between Hydro-Quebec Power Company and the New England Power Pool, a project which in its nearly thirty years of operation, has saved New England several billion dollars in energy costs.
  • As Vice President at Connecticut Bank & Trust Co., he flagged establishment issues of the operations of the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority (CRRA).
  • As a specialized financial consultant, he worked toward the financing and regulatory approvals for two low-head hydroelectric projects of total costs of $13 million on the Housatonic River (in Ansonia and Beacon Falls).
  • He successfully opposed unnecessary and oppressive regulation of the state livery act by the Department of Transportation.
  • Resulting from his own experience and observations, in 2003 he began pleadings to the legislative Judiciary Committee for the need for judicial reform, including in the criminal justice system. After having risen from 4,147 state inmates in 1980 to 19,121 in 2003, from 2003 to 2012, the total state inmates declined to 16,591, a substantial decline of over 13%. A good start, but there's more work to be done here including regarding the large number of innocents in the criminal justice system.
  • Since 1989, he has successfully operated a limousine service business which he founded, in the process having employed dozens of part-time employees, often persons in transition who have moved on to other successful pursuits.
  • Ethan is the proud father of three fine sons, Aaron, Andrew and Anthony; Christian believers, adults, graduates of Boise State University, happily married and fathers to eight grandchildren.