Ethan Book, Time For Real Change.
Es el tiempo para un cambio mayor
I am candidate for State Representative for the 128th District which is the central portion of Bridgeport. I am a Republican campaigning in a predominant Democrat District. For Bridgeport, there are six state Assembly Districts. At present, all six are held by Democrat office holders. God bless them, they've had some real problems with state budgets. There needs to be at least one good Republican to represent Bridgeport in order to better balance the representation and to better protect the interests of you, your family and your friends.
There are various apparent issues of public interest. These include education, police protection, domestic issues, integrity of government, high taxes, etc. Such problems are fully similar to the kinds of public issues which we observed fifty years ago. However, the complications that we see of such issues now are greater than they were fifty years ago. A key factor for which we now see this situation is that there has been fifty years of some people attempting to remove God from public schools. This process is what I call "the secularization of government (PDF)".
It is suitable now for us to reaffirm that our great nation is a Judeo-Christian nation.


On July 12th, Ethan had a fundraiser at the Metric Bar & Grill. He spoke about the weak condition of state finances. Among his comments is his report on the Connecticut Tax Freedom Day:


"One of the measures which reflects the seriousness of this situation is what is called "tax freedom day". If, for a state resident, one takes the total federal, state and local taxes that he or she pays for a typical year, then assumes that when that person begins to work on January 1st of that year, everything that he or she earns goes toward paying the total annual taxes, then on January 2nd, everything that the person earns goes to pay the annual taxes, and so on until the day that all the total taxes for that year are covered, that's tax freedom day. For Connecticut, that day is May 21st. This tax freedom day is the latest of all the fifty states. The next state for which the day comes before Connecticut is New Jersey. Their tax freedom day is nine days earlier than Connecticut. Thus, the situation for Connecticut is serious. For this measure, it can be said that Connecticut is the most heavily taxed state of the union."
The more complete text of Ethan's comments are provided as attached.

With accumulating questions about the experience and competence of Ethan's political rival, the incumbent Christopher Rosario, on September 7th, Ethan sent to Mr. Rosario the attached letter. As of this date, Ethan has received no response. This is significant in that as the current State Representative for the 128th District, Mr. Rosario has had the opportunity to take affirmative actions to deal with issues such as relate to the state and local economy, such as through restraint in state budgets and state taxes and in judicial reform, yet he has unexplainedly fails to explain his conduct. It can be said that his failures have contributed to urban malaise. However, without taking proper and prudent steps to contribute to the strengths of our state and local economies and household finances, availability of better jobs and of family structure, he takes credit for asking Dan Malloy to assist the City of Bridgeport in the wake of a recent spike in shootings. To me, this is like an arsonist coming to a property victim to say "Let me help you put the fire out", and also saying "I want to use your water."


The video available below is from my 2014 campaign.


It is reported that on election night of 2014, Mr. Rosario went to Tiago's Bar and Restaurant to celebrate along with other members of the former Mayor Bill Finch's power base. He was heard to say, "I look forward to working to correct the state's budget problems". However, only six month's later, he followed the Democrat House caucus to vote in favor of the horrendous 2015 budget, that which has precipitated many problems including a record state tax increase and decisions of various large companies and many individuals to leave Connecticut.


The state income tax was implemented in 1991. Since then, a net 237,000 people have moved out of the state, a very large number for this State. The few Band Aid corrections that the majority Democrat legislature made with the 2016 budget have not resulted in significant improvement. The results of a recent consumer confidence survey reveal that 42% of Connecticut residents report that they consider leaving the state within five years, a figure which is up from 32% in 2015.


It's time for real change!


Ethan Book, Time For Real Change.
Es el tiempo para un cambio mayor



Vote on November 8th, at Line B-4, at Geraldine Johnson School and Luis Munoz Marin School

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